Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sustenance

Whew! I'm bringing this back, periodically at least. For some reason, we often get our mail late or sometimes not at all. Thankfully, many grocery stores now have their ads available online.

Right now, everyone is shopping around for deals to make the holidays easier. Hopefully this will help some.

As usual, there's nothing in Central Market's flier even worth mentioning for vegans. Bummer.

Natural Grocers has:
Chocolove3.2 oz bars, $1.49 each (select varieties, including my faves, cherry & almond, roasted almond & sea salt, and raspberry, plus peppermint and coffee crunch, which I've never even heard of)
Crofter's Organic 10 oz. Conserves, $2.29
Yogi teas, select varieties, $2.49
almonds, $2.99/lb.
organic walnuts, $5.49/lb.
organic acorn, butternut or spaghetti squash, $0.89/lb.
organic pie pumpkin, $0.89/lb.
organic cranberries, 7.5 oz for $2.79
organic cauliflower, 2 for $4
1.5 lb. organic French or Russian fingerling potatoes, $2.79
2 lb. organic Buttercream fingerling potatoes, $3.49
organic jewel or garnet yams, $1.09/lb.

Newflower has:
avocados, 3 for $1
hard winter squash(including kabocha) for $0.49/lb.
limes, 10 for $1
10 oz. grape tomatoes, $0.99
5 lb. organic carrots, $3.99
organic celery, $0.99
organic pomegranates, $0.99 each
organic persimmons, $0.99 each
Amy's frozen pot pies, $2.49 each
64 oz. refridgerated Silk Almond milk, 2 for $5
walnut halves & pieces, $3.99
pecan halves, $5.99/lb.
unsweetened coconut $3.49/lb.

Sprouts has:
asparagus, $1.47/lb (super fantastic deal!)
green beans, $0.99/lb.
zucchini or yellow squash, $0.49/lb.
hot house tomatoes, $0.49/lb.
red or yellow bell peppers, $0.77 each
Texas Rio Grapefruit, 3 for $1
organic Red Delicious apples, $0.69/lb.
organic red leaf, green leaf or romaine lettuce, $0.99 each
roasted almonds, salted or unsalted, $2.99/lb.
Twinlab B12 Dots, 500mcg, $9.99/250 dots
10 oz. Cascadian Farms organic frozen vegetables $1.99
Amy's frozen burritos, 2 for $3

Sun Harvest has:
hass avocados, 2 for $1
zucchini or yellow squash, 2 lbs. for $1
green bell peppers, 3 for $1
red potatoes, 2 lbs for $1
Tuscan Melons, 2 for $3
Mangos, $0.88 each
Texas Rio Star grapefruit, 3 for $1
organic gala apples, $0.88/ lb.
organic pie pumpkins, $0.77/lb.
organic celery, $0.88 each
bulk organic quinoa, $2.49/lb.--just in time for the next Iron Chef Challenge!
and they offer traditional holiday dinners or a la carte items with many vegan choices, including Field Roast!

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