Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Restaurant Review: Biscuits and Groovy

When I first about Biscuits and Groovy, I was super happy, because JD loves B&G! I thought it would be fun to get a little brunch one morning, and I figured he would love it. Unfortunately, JD is usually not hungry in the mornings, and I had heard that you need to make sure to arrive well before the posted closing time of 2pm, to make sure they still had food. This is a problem, because it's usually hard to get him out of bed before 2 on the weekends, much less out of the house.

But, one Saturday, we got up and made the trek--we live south...VERY south, and most of the time, I don't even cross the river. The trailer is super cute, and the owner/operator is very friendly and welcoming. He does offer lots of vegan options, but not everything is vegan, so do ask! I got a basic plate of biscuits and gravy with bootlegger brown ale gravy, tempeh sausage, while JD got the same, but with buttermilk gravy.

The biscuits were super soft and airy. They soft of reminded me of KFC biscuits, but much lighter and softer. I loved them! I don't know how he got that texture, but it was great! It would probably be amazing as a dumpling. I'm a Rocky Mountain girl, not a southern girl, so biscuits and gravy weren't something I grew up with, and I don't think I'd ever had any until I became vegan, or at least ovo lacto. Most of the biscuit part of B&G that I've had, have been heavy, dense, or hard. I don't often order B&G, though, and my gravy of choice is mushroom gravy(proper B&G gravy is cream gravy).

The tempeh sausage was good, but I was expecting something a little bit greasier. It was crumbled, and gave a nice texture, though Icouldn't really detect much of a flavor.

Biscuits and Groovy distinguishes itself by offering a vegan Bootlegger Brown Ale gravy. This sounds awesome, since, in general, cooking with alcohol yields fantastic results. However, I'm not really a fan of drinking Bootlegger Brown Ale, and you could really taste it in the gravy. If you like this ale, you'll love this gravy. The combination of sweet brown ale gravy, lots of pepper, and crisp green onions, did work really well together, so I'd actually probably ask for more green onions next time.

Overall, the basic B&G here is somehow both light and filling. This is quite a feat, and I'm anxious to try go again and try something else!

Biscuits and Groovy offers many biscuits combos, and I've heard good things about the vegan Donna Summer (biscuits, gravy, tofu scramble, cheddar). I'd also really like to try the Bee Gee (biscuit with EB and jam), because I loved the biscuits so much, but usually like a little more sweetness for breakfast. The M.C. Hammer also sounds good (biscuits, tofu scramble, tempeh sausage or fake bacon for $1 more, and cheddar). Apparently the other menu items are amazing, but they were not available when we stopped by. Of those, I'd most like to try the stuffed French toast, pancakes and the Philly cheese steak.

The owner, John seems to put a lot of heart into this trailer and seems very open to suggestions, like hosting meetups outside of their regular hours. He also seems to change up the menu pretty regularly, which can be both good and bad: will the sandwiches come back? Will the French toast stay?

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