Friday, November 5, 2010

Mini Poke Cakes

Day 5 of Vegan MoFo 2010! There are so many great blogs I never would have found on my own, and so many enthusiastic and creative vegans, I love this month. Ijust wish I had more time!

Do you remember poke cakes? My mother loved them with I was little. All you needed was a boxed cake mix and a box of gelatin, and you could a cake that looked like it had technicolor stalagmites. It really was kind of cool.

Yesterday, after decorating my mini Devo cakes, and realizing my concept was not working out, I thought of another way to use the raspberry syrup I had made with the lemon cupcakes. Mini vegan poke cakes!

This is a pretty simple concept, you just need a syrup or strained jam, a squeezable container like an agave nectar bottle, a chopstick, and unfrosted cupcakes and icing.

Start by using the chopstick to poke holes into your cupcake. I would recommend starting with a test cupcake, just to see how far in you should go, how much syrup or jam you can use, and how many holes you need. Basically, if you push too deep, you'll ruin it by having syrup run right out, and if you put too many holes, everything will run out in a big syrupy mess when someone bites into it.

Next, fill your squeezable bottle with the syrup or jam of your choice. Insert the tip into the cupcake, and gently squeeze some syrup into each hole. If you spill, use a clean dish towel or a paper towel to wipe away excess, because icing will slid off if the top is too slick.

Once you're done filling all of the poke, frost away!

Admire and enjoy your mini vegan poke cakes!

I know there's not much icing on these cupcakes, I like a high cake to frosting ratio.


DJ said...

OMG - I LOVE this!!

Jess of Midwest Vegan said...

My mom made this cake all the time when I was younger. It never even occured to me to try out a vegan one! :)

Islaborg said...

That's really cool, totally saving this to my bookmarks! :)

Noelle said...

Ingenious little idea for the cupcakes. I must try that next time!

Dawn said...

Oh yes, Lemon Lime poke cakes were my favorite. Lemon cake, lime jello and lemon pudding mixed with cool whip for the frosting. Hmmm, wonder if I could veganize that? thanks for the memory!