Monday, November 22, 2010

Product Review: Gardein BBQ Skewers

These skewers are another perfect example of something not being what I was expecting. Based on the picture, I was expecting four separate cubes on each skewer. Instead, each skewer has one long beef-y piece, which was divided into four sections, sort of like a McRib. It wasn't very attractive, and it was kind of difficult to eat.

The texture was interesting and toothsome, and the flavor was really good. I liked the texture and flavor of these more than that of the Beefless Tips, but they were much less photogenic and kind of unwieldy. I ate these with some cooked greens, jasmine rice and peanut sauce, and the peanut sauce worked really well with the flavor of the BBQ skewers.

Straight out of the package they have a light sweet-tangy flavor, that would probably work well with many sauces, including terriyaki. I'm very particular about barbecue sauce, I don't often enjoy it, so I opted not to use more on these, although if you like BBQ sauce, I'm sure they would be good doused in your favorite sauce.

They were good, and I could see myself getting a craving for the meal I made with them, but they weren't amazing, and they're difficult to find.

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