Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Sustenance 11-20-2010

As usual, Central Market doesn't have anything in their ad for vegans, but they do have some gorgeous produce. We stopped in yesterday, and they had some new items, including black garlic, beautiful trimmed kohlrabi, huge, vibrant watermelon radishes, the prettiest and tiniest potatoes I've ever seen, the shiniest and darkest purple Peruvian potatoes I've seen, a delicate Maldon smoked sea salt, Soyatoo aerosol vegan whip in both soy and rice varieties(but not the kind in aseptic containers), and one beer I've heard good things about; Abita's Pecan Harvest. Unfortunately they were out of the one thing I needed.

Natural Grocers still has everything I posted about last week on sale still. I can't believe I haven't made it yet to stock up on Chocolove.

This week, Newflower has:
jewel and garnet yams, $0.48/lb
green beans, $0.88/lb
broccoli $0.88/lb
12 oz. cranberries, 2 for $4
turnip greens, collard greens, mustard green or kale, $0.88 each
organic Rome or braeburn apples, $0.99/lb
organic avocados, $0.99 each
organic winter squash, $0.99/lb
7.5 oz. organic cranberries, $3.99
organic bunched beets or green top carrots, 2 for $3
1.5 lb. bag organic fingerling potatoes, $2.99
bulk wild rice, $6.99/lb
bulk whole wheat flour, 2 lbs for $1
walnuts, $3.99/lb

Sprouts has:
12 oz. cranberries, 2 for $4
sweet potatoes, $0.49/lb.
red bell peppers, $0.77 each
organic d'anjou pears, $0.99/lb.
organic celery, $0.88 each
organic Fuji or gala apples, $0.99/lb.
prepackaged pitted dates, $2.49/lb.

Sun Harvest has:
10 lb. bag russet potatoes, $1.47 each
green beans, $0.97/lb
butternut squash, 2 lbs. for $1
sweet potatoes, 2 lbs. for $1
curly or Italian parsley, 3 for $1
green onions, 3 for $1
red radishes, 3 for $1
3 lb bag Cuties clementines, $3.88
12 oz. cranberries, 2 for $4
3 lb. bag organic granny smith apples, 2 for $5
organic d'anjou pears, $0.88/lb.
26 oz. Tofurky roast, $9.99

I haven't decided on our Thanksgiving menu yet, but I'm thinking some kind of seitan, maybe small rice pilaf-stuffed seitan roasts. Green beans. Cranberry, walnut, and fig cornbread dressing. Cranberry sauce. Some kind of potato, possibly a twice-baked potato, or some of the beautiful tiny/colorful/fingerling potatoes that seem to be everywhere right now. Maybe sweet creamed corn or velvety corn soup. Sweet potato pie and Kentucky bourbon pie.

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