Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for October 3, 2009

This week, Central Market has organic gala apples, $1.49 per lb. and organic red tomatoes on the vine, $1.79 per lb. They also have a foodie freebie where if you buy a whole or cored gold pineapple, you get a free package of 4.4 oz. blueberries for free with an in-store coupon.

Newflower has:
conventional pomegranates, 2 for $3.00
conventional sweet Asian pears, 2 for $1.00
conventional gala, Granny Smith, and Braeburn apples, $0.39 per lb.
conventional hard winter squash (including kabocha), 3 lbs. for $1.00
conventional D'Anjou or red pear, $0.88 per lb.
conventional broccoli, $0.77 per lb
conventional peaches and nectarines, $0.99 per lb.
conventional jewel or garnet yams, $0.99 per lb.
conventional Jack o' Lantern pumpkins, 2 for $10.00
organic red or green cabbage, $0.77 per lb.
organic Roma tomatoes, $1.77 per lb.
conventional whole raw almonds, $2.99 per lb.
bulk short grain brown rice, $0.69 per lb.
Amy's frozen Indian meal, 9.5-10 oz. for $2.99 each
Good Karma organic whole grain rice milk, $1.59
Pacific natural soups and broths, 32 oz. 2 for $3.00
Pacific organic soups and broths, 32 oz. 2 for $4.00
6 inch hibiscus plants, $6.99 each

Sprouts has:
conventional Hass avocados, $0.77 each
conventional red, green, Romaine or iceberg lettuce, $0.88 each
conventional yellow or green summer squash, $0.88 per lb.
conventional cantaloupes, $0.99 each
conventional asparagus, 4lbs. for $5.00
organic gala or Granny Smith apples, 4 for $5.00
conventional Junior Mammoth pecan halves, $3.99 per lb.
conventional macadamia nuts, $4.99 per lb.
Westsoy 32 oz. low fat soy milk, buy one, get one free, regular price $1.79 each

Sun Harvest has:
conventional asparagus, $1.49 per lb.
conventional sweet potatoes, $0.88 per lb.
conventional maradol papayas, $0.88 per lb.
organic cauliflower, $0.97 each
organic celery, 2 for $1.00
Blue Diamond almond milk, $1.79 for 32 oz.
bulk long grain brown rice, $0.69 per lb.
Viovi organic blood orange juice $3.49 for 25.3 oz.