Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 29, 2009

This week, Central Markets continues their Hatch Chile Festival, where they offer fresh roasted Hatch chilies. They also have cara cara navel oranges, $1.49 per lb and organic on the vine tomatoes $1.79 per lb.

Newflower has:
conventional red bell peppers, $0.99 each
organic cantaloupe, $0.77 per lb
organic cauliflower, 2 heads for $3.00
organic, on the vine tomat0es, $1.77 per lb.
Earth Balance soy free buttery spread, $2.99 for 16 oz.
So Delicious Coconut Milk beverage, 64 oz. for $2.99
Lundberg organic couscous, 2 for $3.00 for select 6.8-10 oz. varieties
And, for Saturday and Sunday only, canned roasted red peppers, 19 oz for $1.99 or
Stahlbush Island Farms frozen berries, $2.49 each for 10 oz. bags

Sun Harvest has:
conventional Hass avocados, $0.49 each
organic Valencia oranges, $0.77 per lb.
organic broccoli, $0.97 per lb.
organic Colorado sweet onions, $0.77 per lb.
organic Newman-O's, 9 oz packages, 2 for $3.00

Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 22, 2009

Sorry for missing last week, I wasn't feeling very well. Hopefully, you had a great week.

This weekend, Central Market has Hatch Peppers in from Hatch New Mexico for $0.99 per lb. Both this weekend and next weekend, CM is having their annual Hatch Chile Festival. They also have organic raspberries and blackberries, 2 containers for $5.00.

Newflower has:
conventional on the vine cluster tomatoes, $0.67 per lb.
conventional large Hass avocados, $0.77 each
raw walnut halves and pieces, $3.00 per lb.
organic large bell peppers, $0.99 each
organic celery, $0.99 a bunch
organic radishes, $0.99 a bunch
organic cantaloupe, $0.77 per lb.
organic Newflower brand fruit spread in 9 oz. jars, $1.99
organic Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables, $1.99, 10 oz.
Pet Promise dry pet food, $9.99 for 5--6 lb. bags
Dogswell Veggie Life Treats, $3.99, selected 5 oz. varieties

Sun Harvest has:
conventional Sweet O'Henry peaches, $0.49 per lb.
conventional broccoli crowns, $0.88 per lb.
organic red seedless grapes, $0.97 per lb.
organic on the vine cluster tomatoes, 2 lbs for $3.00
organic strawberries, 1 lb packages, 2 for $5.00
organic white nectarines, 2 lbs. for $3.00
organic Sun Harvest frozen vegetables, 2 for $4.00, 16 oz.
organic Ezekiel 4:9 bread, $2.99
Arrowhead Mills puffed cereal, $0.99, 6 oz.
Maranatha No Stir peanut butter, $2.99, 16 oz.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 8, 2009

Central Market doesn't have much on sale for vegans this week, just asparagus for $2.49 per lb. and a deal for a free 10.5 oz. package of Cherub tomatoes and 8 oz. package of sliced mushrooms when you buy a Central Market Organics 1 lb packaged salad, with an instore coupon.

Newflower, as usual, has a large selection of conventional produce on sale:

Bartlett pears, 3 lbs for $1.00

kiwi, 5 for $1.00

broccoli crowns, $0.88 per lb.

artichokes, 2 for $3.00

red or green leaf lettuce, $0.88 each

red, green, or black seedless grapes, $0.59 per lb.

New Mexico Hatch chilies, hot, medium, or mild, $0.88 per lb.

organic kale, green, lacinto or red, $0.99 each

organic strawberries, 8 oz. packages, 2 for $4.00

organic zucchini, $0.99 per lb.

white or wheat frozen pizza dough, $1.99 each

Boca frozen meat analogs, 10--12 oz. packages, $2.49

Amy's organic frozen pizzas, $3.49 for 13--14 oz.

Westsoy unsweetened or Longevity soy beverages, $1.49

and, over the weekend, only, 2 whole pineapples for $3.00 and Santa Cruz organic lemonade, 32 oz. for $0.99.

Sun Harvest has:

seedless watermelons, $1.97 each

white or yellow nectarines, $0.97 per lb.

organic seedless watermelons, 3 lbs. for $1.00

organic celery, 3 lbs. for $1.00

organic strawberries, 1 lb packages, 2 for $5.00

organic yellow nectarines, 4 lbs. for $5.00

Westsoy low fat soy milk, 32 oz. 10 for $10.00

16 oz. organic Bionaturae dry pastas, 2 for $5.00

Purely Decadent frozen desserts, $3.99 each

10 oz. Cascadian Farms organic frozen vegetables, 2 for $4.00

and, for the weekend only:

red or black plums $0.77 per lb.

walnut halves and pieces, $2.99 per lb.

broccoli crowns, $0.77 per lb.

large vine ripe tomatoes, $0.77 per lb.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 1, 2009

This week, Central Market has red, orange, or yellow tomatoes on the vine for $1.99 per lb. They also have 6-packs of Breckenridge Brewery beers for $6.99. All Breckenridge beers are vegan friendly, and I've been waiting for them to go on sale so I could try their Agave Wheat, though their Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Porter, Pandora's Bock and SummerBright Ale also sound good.

Newflower has:

conventional donut peaches $0.88 per lb.

conventional yellow peaches are $0.49 per lb.

conventional red, green or black seedless grapes are $0.88 per lb.

conventional yellow onions $0.29 per lb.

conventional asparagus $1.99 per lb.

organic Woodstock Farms frozen vegetables 10-oz. bags for $1.99

organic Rice Expressions rice blends, $2.49 for 20-30 oz. packages

Rising Moon organic frozen ravioli select varieties, $2.49 (some, but not all varieties are vegan)

Westsoy soymilk, 32-oz. containers 4 for $5.00 for select varieties

And, August 1st and 2nd only, 8-oz. packages of organic strawberries are 2 for $3

Sun Harvest has decent deals on their produce again this week:

conventional red cherries $0.88 per lb

organic yellow onions $0.67 per lb.

organic cantaloupes $0.67 per lb.

organic romaine lettuce $0.97 each

organic seedless grapes $1.97 per lb.

organic pineapples 2lbs for $3