Friday, August 21, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 22, 2009

Sorry for missing last week, I wasn't feeling very well. Hopefully, you had a great week.

This weekend, Central Market has Hatch Peppers in from Hatch New Mexico for $0.99 per lb. Both this weekend and next weekend, CM is having their annual Hatch Chile Festival. They also have organic raspberries and blackberries, 2 containers for $5.00.

Newflower has:
conventional on the vine cluster tomatoes, $0.67 per lb.
conventional large Hass avocados, $0.77 each
raw walnut halves and pieces, $3.00 per lb.
organic large bell peppers, $0.99 each
organic celery, $0.99 a bunch
organic radishes, $0.99 a bunch
organic cantaloupe, $0.77 per lb.
organic Newflower brand fruit spread in 9 oz. jars, $1.99
organic Cascadian Farms frozen vegetables, $1.99, 10 oz.
Pet Promise dry pet food, $9.99 for 5--6 lb. bags
Dogswell Veggie Life Treats, $3.99, selected 5 oz. varieties

Sun Harvest has:
conventional Sweet O'Henry peaches, $0.49 per lb.
conventional broccoli crowns, $0.88 per lb.
organic red seedless grapes, $0.97 per lb.
organic on the vine cluster tomatoes, 2 lbs for $3.00
organic strawberries, 1 lb packages, 2 for $5.00
organic white nectarines, 2 lbs. for $3.00
organic Sun Harvest frozen vegetables, 2 for $4.00, 16 oz.
organic Ezekiel 4:9 bread, $2.99
Arrowhead Mills puffed cereal, $0.99, 6 oz.
Maranatha No Stir peanut butter, $2.99, 16 oz.

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nicole ray said...

I like your blogging! My site is similarly focused, although not vegan or vegetarian. I'll be enjoying your diligent compilings. Happy vanguarding!