Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Sustenance for August 8, 2009

Central Market doesn't have much on sale for vegans this week, just asparagus for $2.49 per lb. and a deal for a free 10.5 oz. package of Cherub tomatoes and 8 oz. package of sliced mushrooms when you buy a Central Market Organics 1 lb packaged salad, with an instore coupon.

Newflower, as usual, has a large selection of conventional produce on sale:

Bartlett pears, 3 lbs for $1.00

kiwi, 5 for $1.00

broccoli crowns, $0.88 per lb.

artichokes, 2 for $3.00

red or green leaf lettuce, $0.88 each

red, green, or black seedless grapes, $0.59 per lb.

New Mexico Hatch chilies, hot, medium, or mild, $0.88 per lb.

organic kale, green, lacinto or red, $0.99 each

organic strawberries, 8 oz. packages, 2 for $4.00

organic zucchini, $0.99 per lb.

white or wheat frozen pizza dough, $1.99 each

Boca frozen meat analogs, 10--12 oz. packages, $2.49

Amy's organic frozen pizzas, $3.49 for 13--14 oz.

Westsoy unsweetened or Longevity soy beverages, $1.49

and, over the weekend, only, 2 whole pineapples for $3.00 and Santa Cruz organic lemonade, 32 oz. for $0.99.

Sun Harvest has:

seedless watermelons, $1.97 each

white or yellow nectarines, $0.97 per lb.

organic seedless watermelons, 3 lbs. for $1.00

organic celery, 3 lbs. for $1.00

organic strawberries, 1 lb packages, 2 for $5.00

organic yellow nectarines, 4 lbs. for $5.00

Westsoy low fat soy milk, 32 oz. 10 for $10.00

16 oz. organic Bionaturae dry pastas, 2 for $5.00

Purely Decadent frozen desserts, $3.99 each

10 oz. Cascadian Farms organic frozen vegetables, 2 for $4.00

and, for the weekend only:

red or black plums $0.77 per lb.

walnut halves and pieces, $2.99 per lb.

broccoli crowns, $0.77 per lb.

large vine ripe tomatoes, $0.77 per lb.

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