Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Buy Nothing Day--Austin, TX

JD and I are trying to set up a Buy Nothing Day event.

The idea hatched from Austin's recent obsession with Zombie Flash Mobs. I thought that staging a zombie flashmob at the Arboretum Mall on Buy Nothing Day would be perfect in a sort of Dawn of the Dead-consumerist-metaclusterfuck.

However, when I read a certain article this morning about Austin's newest non-weird Swedish import, I thought Ikea would be a much better place to stage a braindead buyer flashmob....

But then JD suggested serving free food and the idea morphed into free cafe. Free food and drinks, free music, free poetry, free art. Anyone have any input/ideas/want to help out? Suggestions for where to hold it? A park seems ideal...but I do like the idea of giving free stuff away as an alternative to buying on that day.

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